Tuesday, June 18, 2013

VSR in the GM Heritage Center for an Event

The VSR is a privately designed and constructed sports roadster. VSR is an acronym for V-series Sports Roadster.

Here is a view of the VSR displayed for one evening's event at the GM Heritage Center along with some of the special concept cars.

VSR concept car

VSR is short for V-series Sports Roadster.
The VSR has a website http://www.vsrconceptcar.com
which details the design and development and specifications of the VSR Sports Roadster.

This is a shot of the VSR taken outside Meadowbrook Hall when it was shown at the concours d'elegance there in the late summer of 2009.

This is another shot of Wayne K Cherry with the VSR behind Meadowbrook Hall with a good view of the wheel mounted air scoops to cool the brakes. The tonneau is in place, but can be removed for a passenger.